WOW Tournament Rules & Guidelines

Dedicated to the Promotion of America’s Youth and the Great Sport of Wrestling

  1. Modified National Federation High School rules. Out of bounds will be modified college rules (one body part in bounds, touching mat). Safety First.
  2. Minimum rest between matches and maximum number of matches not in effect. Exception: if requested, 6 and under through 18 and under will have a 10 minute rest period between matches.
  3. Birth Certificates must be available if requested by a tournament director.
  4. Age Protest Fee is $40 and must be directed to tournament directors. All age protests must be made before final match of protested wrestler’s first session of wrestling. Birth certificates must be available on the first day of wrestling for all wrestlers in case of a protest.
  5. Video Challenge Fee is $100 and must be presented at the table to a director before the review. Only the official Flo camera at the table will be used. If the call is overturned then $100 will be refunded. Only reviewable video challenges will be during semi-finals (on both side of the bracket) and all placement matches.
  6. Head gear optional, but highly recommended for all age groups.
  7. Hair covers are not required.
  8. Child abuse, abusive language, disorderly conduct, etc. will not be tolerated and will be dealt with severely.
  9. No cameras on the floor of any kind unless approved by WOW.
  10. Coaches Passes and/or Floor Passes must be visible. Press or Media Passes must be pre-approved prior to entry deadline and proper vest must be worn and may not sit in coach’s seat as a coach.
  11. Must register under the exact same team name to compete for team awards and to receive Coaches Passes.
  12. Total number of coaches Passes determined by number of entries: 1 coach Pass for ever 5 wrestlers registered together as a team, Example: 25 wrestlers = 5 free Coaches Passes. No exceptions.
  13. Must pre-pay and pre-enter — NO LATE ENTRIES. Must enter online @
  14. Time Periods are as follows:
    1. 6-8 & under: 1-1-1
    2. 10-12-15 & under: 1.5-1.5-1.5
    3. 18 & under: 2-2-2
    4. All Consolation Matches: 1-1-1
    5. All Medal matches same as Championship rounds.
  15. Round Robin Ties:
    1. 1st criteria: most wins
    2. 2nd criteria: head to head
    3. 3rd criteria: most falls (including Technical Falls)
    4. Any exhibition match does not count toward any awards.
  16. Outstanding Wrestler Award is based on a champion with most falls in least amount of time (including Technical Falls).
  17. Must be present to win any awards.
  18. We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule as necessary. If any changes are made they will be posted at weigh-in and on social media.
  19. A Trinity Award will be presented for any wrestler that wins Kickoff, Tulsa Nationals, and Reno Worlds. You do not have to wrestle the same weight at all 3, but must be in the same division. This is also offered to the girls. We have the option to combine weights.