Our wrestling tournaments are in the process of putting their souvenir programs together and are seeking your advertisements.

Each year, the historic Tulsa Nationals has approximately 2,000 participants and draws approximately 6,500 fans each day from over 40 states. We had an economic impact on our city of over $6,500,000, and approximately 1,200 programs were sold to wrestlers, coaches, parents and fans during the two day tournament. Previous programs had the distinct honor of being chosen as the top national tournament program for the last 26 years by Wrestling USA Magazine. The national exposure is growing each year as the program book was chosen for the eleventh consecutive year as the Top Tournament Program or runner up in the United States. Our programs have held the top 5 spots for tournament programs. Our 2006-2007 Tulsa Nationals program was selected the top program in the nation. What an honor!

Our program books were started initially to promote our sport and recognize the participants. Each coach at our events will receive a comped program book.  Your advertising support has certainly added to the professionalism of our program as it serves as a guide or reference book for anyone wanting to know about wrestling. Within its covers, you can learn about camps, tournaments, equipment, national and state publications, awards, training schools and tapes, wrestling clubs, places to stay, places to eat, history of the sport, special interest stories, last year’s award winners such as the Trinity Award and the World All Star Team, National Youth Rankings, and our beloved sponsors. They make these events magnificent!

Your advertising dollars will be well spent in these programs, and:

  • You are placing your ad before a potential customer at a low cost rate (the full page rate this year is $300 X 1,200 expected sales = 25 cents per program, your cost).
  • The programs are collectibles, read cover to cover, and have a high residual value because of its pass along readership.

We thank our many sponsors and advertisers for helping us make such a tribute to this great sport through the programs feature editorials, biographies, photos, etc. None of this would be possible without our advertisers, sponsors, booth vendors, loyal dignitaries and friends who donate so many hours for our kids.

Corporate Sponsorship

We feel that when the junior age groups compete, the dollars that each entrant’s family spends are much greater than say college athletes. So we feel that your dollar spent with advertising with our youth events will yield you a much greater return in the future. We would be excited with any degree of participation that you may choose and have enclosed several options for your consideration. However, naturally, we are looking for corporate sponsors.  With a donation of $3,500, your corporate sponsorship includes the following benefits:

  1. Your 3′ X 6′ banner on the wall ($500 value).
  2. Full page ad in program ($300 value)
    Also available to purchase is the inside back page full-color ad ($700), or a double-page ad ($540).
  3. Your ad in both newsletters, mailed and handed out to approximately 30,000 people twice a season ($4,000 value).
  4. Passes for each event (≈$150 value).
  5. Announcer will promote you as a corporate sponsor throughout the event over our PA system each hour and will take approximately 35 hours to complete the tournament (≈$75.00 X 35 spots = ≈$2,625.00 value).
  6. World of Wrestling will present you with the Gold Plaque Award at the event as a top sponsor.
  7. Sponsor mat, table and scoreboard and we will refer to you as the sponsor of that particular mat throughout the event. Includes signage on score clock

Note: If all the above benefits are totaled, it would mean your company will receive in return for their generosity, a minimal value of $6,575.  Hopefully you will decide to become a corporate sponsor. We feel that the exposure you receive in areas such as these will justify such an investment.

Other Sponsorship Options

  1. Stuffing of coaches packets (approximately 500). You provide a flyer or brochure to be inserted into each packet which will promote you or your product (value $500). This is sometimes negotiated with larger sponsors.
  2. You may wish to set up a booth at the events. You would have to make an arrangement with us first, giving back to our organization approximately 25 to 50% of gross revenues and you would be required to purchase full page ads in our programs at $300 each. Booths require a minimum $500.00 cash guarantee up front.
  3. Sponsor mat, table and scoreboard and we will refer to you as the sponsor of that particular mat throughout the event. Includes 2′ X 6′ table banner (which you provide), signage on score clocks, and your name announced each time someone is called to your mat. The value for each event is $1,000.00.
  4. You supply a larger banner up to 3′ X 8′ or 4′ X 6′ to be displayed on arena floor. The cost would be $500 per event.
  5. World of Wrestling Corporate Sponsor – 3 levels of sponsorship if doing all events (all includes information center):

Gold – All of the above options, $2,800 value per event or $16,800 for all 6 events. Your cost is only $12,000 or $2,000 per event.

Silver – Options 1 and 3 plus full page ad, $1,800 value per event or $10,800 for 6 events. Your cost is only $7,500 or $1,250 per event.

Bronze – Full page ad in 6 program books plus coaches packets or a booth, $800 value per event or $4,800 for 6 events. Your cost is only $3,000 or $500 per event.

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