Tulsa Nationals

2020 Tulsa Girls Nationals

Ford Truck Arena

4145 E 21st,  Tulsa, OK

Dates: Jan. 17-18, 2020

Entry Deadline: Jan. 8, 2020

RICH IN TRADITION. The oldest most prestigious, Jr. Wrestling event in the world! Over 60 Years of Tradition unfolds again, as approximately 40 states represented by over 2,000 Wrestlers from 4 to 16 years old compete for a National Title. WRESTLING AT ITS FINEST... as the best in the nation wrestle for the Gold... The Real National Championship.

To Register for the tournament you must Log-in,

fill out the form and read the rules and guidelines.


Entries must be received by Jan. 8, 2020. Online Registration Only. NO LATE ENTRIES. PRE-PAY AND PRE-ENTER. MUST MAKE WEIGHT ENTERED. NO CHANGES AFTER ENTRY DEADLINE.


Pre-entry of $50.00 to be paid by January 8, 2020. Wrestler may enter only one weight class and only one diviision.


Modified National Federation High School Rules (minimum rest between matches and maximum number of matches in a day not in effect). Out of bounds will be modified college rules (one body part in bounds, touching mat.)  Hair code, skin check & fingernails will be enforced by referees. Skin conditions, if required, must be on a National Federation medical release form (found at www.worldofwrestling-roller.com) and dated within 10 days of event.  Hair shall be braided or put up in an appropriate manner. Head gear is optional; however highly recommended. Must make weight in competition singlet.


Folkstyle Wrestling. DOUBLE ELIMINATION - CHALLENGE FOR SECOND FORMAT. Referee decisions final. All protests to be directed to tournament directors. All age protests must be made before final match on protested wrestler’s first day of wrestling. Birth certificates must be available if requested by tournament officials.


9 & Under - Must not be 10 before 9/1/19 (born between 9-1-09/present).

    43, 50, 57, 65, 73, 85, 100, HWT (up to 160)

12 & Under - Must not be 13 before 9/1/19 (born between 9-1-06/8-31-09).

    58, 65, 73, 82, 91, 100, 110, 120, 135, HWT (up to 200)

15 & Under -Must not be 16 before 9/1/19 (born between 9-1-03/8-31-06)

     75, 82, 90, 98,106, 115, 123, 132, 142, 155, 175, HWT (up to 240) (+2 lb. allowance 15 & Under only).

Wrestlers may wrestle up a Division but can only enter one Division - Must Call Office before entry deadline if you want to move up a division (918) 366-4411.


9 & Under  1-1-1 (including finals) Consolations 1-1-1

12 & Under and 15 & Under 11/2 - 11/2 -11/2 (including finals) Consolations 1-1-1.


(1) Age Protest fee is $40, and must be directed to tournament directors. All age protests must be made before final match of protested wrestler's first session of wrestling. Birth certificate must be available on the first day of wrestling for all wrestlers in case of a protest. (2) Video challenge fee is $100, and must be presented at the table to a director before the review. Only the official Flo camera at the table will be used. If the call is overturned then $100 refund will be given. Only reviewable video challenges will be during semi-finals (on both sides of the bracket) and all placement matches.



Medals 1st through 4th. Special Awards for 1st through 3rd. Outstanding Wrestler Trophy in EACH age group based on champion with most falls (including technical falls) in least amount of time. Team Trophy in each age group. Team with most points based on point system 14-10-7-4 is champion. If tied, next criteria is most champions. Teams to be considered for team competition must register with exact team name. We will not change these for you, so it's best to register everyone together. Must be present to win. Second leg of Trinity Award!


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Medical Release Form for a wrestler to

participate with skin lesion.  

This form is to be filled out and signed by an appropriate medical professional.  The form is only good for 10 days from the date of the visit noted on the form. Must be given to an official at your scale at weigh-in.



Tulsa Girls Nationals Ticket Prices

All Sessions - $30

Floor Passes - $50

Adults - $12/day

Seniors/Military - $10/day

Students - $5/day

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