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My name is Jack Roller, Executive Director of World of Wrestling.  Without ever wrestling a match, my life for the past 40 years has been consumed by wrestling.  Beginning as a wrestling parent and continued on to become the holder of many positions of authority in Oklahoma wrestling such as regional and state Director of the Oklahoma Kids Wrestling Association.  I have successfully directed numerous prestigious national kids wrestling tournaments including two of the largest and most prestigious kids tournaments in the country, the Tulsa Nationals for the past 37 years and for 20 years the largest event in the nation, the Reno Worlds.  I have also directed many AAU National Championships.

I feel that being successful enables World of Wrestling to provide awards second to none, produce fabulous ceremonies and just overall make each of our (average 6) events each year a most enjoyable and memorable experience.  While spending over $60,000 each year on awards ($35,000 on Reno alone), $9,000+ on ceremonies certainly sets us in a class alone.  All this would certainly be impossible without our loyal sponsors and my staff (some with 20+ years’ experience).

I have been most fortunate by having such great friends within the sport, people and companies that live and breathe as we do….  Our motto, “Dedicated to the Promotion of America’s Youth and the Great Sport of Wrestling.”  I thank God for my wife, Beverly, of 45+ years and having 4 great athletes for sons, Keith, Jimmy, Michael, and Shane.  The sacrifice they have made has been essential in the success of World of Wrestling.

In the past 10 years, we have seen tough economic times such as $5/gallon for gas, very expensive flights, etc.  However, we have had a steady increase each year in our tournament entries while some of the other companies have experienced a 20% drop.  I sincerely thank you for the sacrifice and commitment each coach and parent has made by putting your kids first and choosing us.  

Our events have been called many names such as The Granddaddy of Them All, The Real National Championships, The Super bowl of Wrestling, The Largest Jr. Event in the World, and the Toughest Tournament in the World.

What a great ride this has been, doing something you love and feeling that in a small way you may just be affecting some youngster’s life in a positive direction.

I'm extremely proud to announce that my youngest son, Shane has became a partner with World of Wrestling.  He has been involved in WOW for years, a decorated wrestler, a 3x NCAA All-American, and a 4x Academic All-American.  Shane will continue the credibility and integrity that each of you have become to expect.  

Jack Roller

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