Frequently Asked Questions about tournaments, Coaches Passes, and Team Registration:

How Do I get my team entered for team awards?

     Team awards will be done without having to pay for a team registration (different than we've done in the past).  The team results will now be calculated for everyone who enters as a team on our website.   The results will be calculated throughout the tournament with the tournament software.  You MUST follow the directions below:

     1.  Make sure your entire team is registered on the World of Wrestling website under the same (EXACT) team name.  There will be absolutely NO changes to this at the tournament.  Make sure all team names, coaches names, and pick-up persons names are all the same for the entire team.  You will need to do this prior to registering.  We will NOT be editing this for you!

     2.  Team members must practice together at least 2 times per week.  

How do I receive a complimentary coaches pass?

     1.  Make sure each team member registers under the exact same team name, and the same head coaches name.

     2.  Make sure everyone enters the same 2 pick-up people for the passes.  We will make these people show an id to pick up the coaches passes, so one of the people listed must be able to pick up the coaches passes at the designated times only!  The coaches passes can be picked up at weigh-in ONLY!  (Except in Reno, we will have the coaches passes available for pick-up at the Grand Sierra Hotel before weigh-in

from 10:00am - noon as well).

     3.  There will be 1 complimentary pass for 5 wrestlers entered together

         - 2 free passes for 6-10 wrestlers

         - 3 free passes for 11-15 wrestlers

         - 4 free passes for 16-20 wrestlers, etc...

What if I only bring 1 or 2 wrestlers, Can I still coach?

      Yes, you can still coach your kids.  You just need to purchase a floor pass.  The floor passes will get you in the door for admission and down on the floor to coach for the entire tournament.  You can purchase the floor passes at any of the ticket booths.

What's the difference between a coach's pass and a floor pass?

    Both passes get you in for admission and down on the floor to coach your wrestlers.  The coaches passes receive 50% off at the concession stand in Reno for up to 2 meals/day.  In Tulsa, the coaches passes will get you into the hospitality room.  The floor passes will not have access to the hospitality room  or 50% off of meals in Reno.

What does the +2 lbs weight allowance mean on the flyer?  

     If the flyer or our website says +2 lbs allowance or +3 lbs allowance next to your age  group, then it means the wrestler will get that many more pounds than what the weight says on our flyer.  (Example, if it says 15 & under gets a +2 lb allowance - then the 15  & Under 135 pound age group, just needs to make 137 pounds to be able to wrestle.)

When will the names be released?

     We normally release the names within a day or two after the entry deadline.  We do not have a list of names or a matrix to view before the entry deadline is over.  Once we get all the duplicate names removed, and everything sorted, then we will post the  entry list on the home page of our website:  www.worldofwrestling-roller.com

My wrestler is entered at the wrong weight, what can I do?

     We do not change weights for anyone after the entry list has been posted on our website.  However, you can change your own wrestler's weight on our website before the deadline if you log back on to your account, and just select the box to change a wrestler's weight.  

I missed entry deadline, can I still enter?

     No, I'm sorry but we can not accept any entries after the names have been posted on our website.  We try to make the tournament as fair as we can for everyone, so we NEVER allow late entries!  

When do the 15 & Under, and 18 and Under wrestlers have to be at the Flo Reno Worlds Tournament?

     The 15 & Under and 18 & Under Boys Divisions do not need to be at the tournament until Friday at weigh-in.  The weigh-in is from 1:30-3:30pm at the Reno Livestock Events Center.